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Examples of Logipal′s Global SCM Support

We support SCM for high-quality, safe and secure one-stop logistics services from the production site to the delivery site, under Logipal′s global control.
*The following is just an example. For countries where our services are available, please contact us.

Examples of Logipal′s Global SCM Support Click Here

*Order Management = We check your production/inventory status and make a suggestion on your supply/demand balance and transportation schedule.

Bandai Logipal

Order Management

We share production and purchasing information with shippers, and propose and realize optimal logistics.


Provision of quality inspection services before import/export at production sites

By conducting pre-import/export inspections at production sites (including production plants) and building a scheme that prevents defective products from being transported to delivery sites, it is possible to achieve quality standards equivalent to those in Japan.


Distribution processing utilizing bonded warehouses
(Assort, rework etc.)

By carrying out labelling, packing style conversion, and inspection, we ship only with the necessary number of good products. In that way, we reduce waste in transportation. Small items that cannot occupy a full container load can be consolidated and shipped in one container. This will allow us to enter the port that is most suitable for the delivery site, and furthermore reduce the domestic transportation distance in the destination country, thereby reducing CO2 emissions.


Transport proposals that take full advantage of the benefits of bonded warehouses

By providing buyer's consolidation services (a form of logistics where goods from multiple suppliers are loaded together in the same container and transported around the world), efficient logistics services with lower costs can be achieved. In addition, it is possible to perform rework and distribution processing before loading containers.


Achieving value-added and delivery arrangements for products tailored to customer needs (including EC)

In addition to storage and shipping services at the Hong Kong warehouse, we conduct assembly and inspection services, and provide international integrated logistics services in cooperation with forwarding services.

BANDAI LOGIPAL JP (Japan) domestic warehouse Bandai Logipal Logipal Express

Providing safe and secure services as one of the top-class customs brokers for handling toys

As we have service locations all over Japan, we are able to provide the same quality and service for logistics in any port of discharge.
In addition, we have established a transportation and delivery network through alliances with partner companies, enabling us to provide services that ensure responsible delivery to the required location.


We can handle distribution to North America

We transport goods produced in third countries other than Japan to North America, and provide a safe, secure, and high-quality service, from import customs clearance to distribution, through Logipal’s unique handling service.

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Overseas Production Support (Order Management)

Overseas Production Support (Order Management)

Storage of incoming/outgoing goods

Icon Storage of incoming/outgoing goods

Quality inspection

Icon Quality inspection


Icon Shipping

Thanks to cooperation with our overseas subsidiaries and alliance partners, Logipal can provide our customers with high-quality, safe, and secure logistics services, as it allows Logipal itself to handle services such as quality inspections prior to import and export from production sites or distribution processing at our own warehouses in each country.


International transportation (forwarding and customs clearance)

International transportation

Customs clearance business

Icon Customs clearance business

Buyer’s consolidation

Icon Buyer’s consolidation

Maritime and air transportation

Icon Maritime and air transportation

Drayage arrangements

Icon Drayage arrangements

Utilizing the benefits provided by customs by being recognized as an AEO certified customs broker as well as our knowhow that has been accumulated over the years, we facilitate customs clearance of a wide range of products. Our overseas subsidiaries allow us to provide forwarding services all over the world. (AIR/SEA)


Warehouse service

Warehouse service


Icon Devanning

Receipt/shipping of goods and storage

Icon Receipt/shipping of goods and storage

Quality inspection

Icon Quality inspection

Assembly and processing

Icon Assembly and processing

Distribution processing

Icon Distribution processing

We offer a wide range of warehouse services, from the storage of incoming/outgoing goods to e-commerce distribution services for B to B and B to C companies. We also provide safe, secure, and high-quality services through our quality management cycle and process improvements, including regular internal workshops on distribution and quality improvement measures.


Delivery service

Delivery service

Small cargo delivery

Icon Small cargo delivery

Joint delivery

Icon Joint delivery

Chartered delivery

Icon Chartered delivery

Ensuring a responsible delivery, we provide high quality transportation services. We have developed a transportation network that allows goods to be delivered anywhere in the country. Through alliances with our partners, we will coordinate transportation methods that best meet the needs of our customers, such as charter transportation, consolidated transportation, joint delivery, shuttle transportation, route delivery, and time specification.


Other special services

Other special services

Vehicle maintenance and repair coating

Icon Vehicle maintenance and repair coating

Maintenance of entertainment devices, etc.

Icon Maintenance of entertainment devices, etc.

Assembly and installation

Icon Assembly and installation

Return/collection of goods

Icon Return/collection of goods

Call center

Icon Call center

Collection and transportation of Industrial waste

Icon Collection and transportation of Industrial waste

We provide complex logistics services combined with other major ones, such as maintenance of entertainment devices, assembly and installation of large equipment, and call center operations for each product handled.

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