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Japan’s top-class toy logistics


In order to support operations that require the handling of goods in a variety of ways, such as small or large packaging, depending on the characteristics of the shipper’s goods, as well as to support customers who quickly adopt the trend of entertainment and develop their products, we are required to make efficient and speedy responses. Against this background, we, the logistics subsidiary of the Bandai Namco Group, which is one of the largest toy manufacturers, provide services utilizing the knowhow we have accumulated over the years and the best knowledge in the industry.

Covering everything from production plants to distribution


Currently, the majority of toy production is handled by overseas factories.
We have a consolidated distribution network in place through the establishment of local subsidiaries in the vicinity of our major overseas production plants.
We will support logistics from upstream areas that require difficult handling, for example, issues such as “Procedures for importing from production plants are complicated!” or “It takes a lot of time and effort to deal with the adjustment if the handling company changes between Japan and overseas.”

Covering a wide variety of delivery destinations


Currently, due to the diversification of products, toys are handled in various types of stores.
Because we have established dedicated routes for toys through our own network, we can propose the best solutions to ensure the delivery of your goods to their destination.

We also support Electronic Commerce* (B to C) services.


Electronic Commerce* (B to C) services are experiencing rapid growth in demand in recent years. It is becoming common in the toy industry for customers to compare products on a website and make purchases through the website.
We are in charge of the logistics for the Group’s EC websites, and support a wide range of sales schemes, from general sales where a product is delivered upon order to pre-orders with the same delivery date.

*Electronic Commerce:Transactions of goods and services on the Internet

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