President Yasuharu Yamamoto

We continue to grow together with customers through optimal solution services with “Co-Creation.”

As the logistics subsidiary of the Bandai Namco Group, we have provided solution services to various industries based on our 60 years of experience and achievements.

Compared to the past, I strongly feel that the recent requirements for the logistics have been shifted from “cost saving” to “Coping with Changes.”
In order to respond to the global developments of the shippers in and out of the Bandai Namco Group from early on, we have been expanding the functions of overseas service locations.

Bandai Logipal makes optimal logistics proposals in Japan and overseas, and is working to build a global SCM based on co-creation with customers.
Logipal Express has come to create “Coping with Changes” with customers by building a system for efficient, safe, and secure delivery utilizing its assets.
In addition, we believe that the learning and growth of all our employees will lead to the growth of the company as a whole. Thus, we have worked on creating an environment in which employees can grow, through our human resources policy (growth, challenge, transfer, mutual trust) and the expansion of the internal education system, among others. By doing so, we train logistics professionals. We are responding flexibly to diversifying work styles and actively working on measures such as enhancement of systems to achieve work-life balance for employees.

Taking full advantage of the roles and strengths of each company, we will take on new challenges in responding to changes in the external environment, etc. and strive to become a company that can contribute to customers and society together with our employees through speedy and optimal solutions.

Bandai Logipal Inc.
Logipal Express Inc.

Yasuharu Yamamoto