A Message from the President-CEO

Contributing to Customers’ BusinessesThrough Optimal Solutions Services

BANDAI LOGIPAL, Inc. and LOGIPAL EXPRESS, Inc. are Bandai Namco Group’s only logistics subsidiary companies. Toy logistics requires not only high quality and speed, but also flexibility due to considerable business fluctuations. For over fifty years we have led the industry by always offering a cutting-edge set of services.

However, logistics grows more sophisticated and complex day-by-day. Today, in addition to competitive quality and cost, a variety of services which require broader functionality and developed, stronger, and larger hubs are also sought from logistics companies. Responding to such changes in the times, along with our group companies, at domestic and international locations we work to provide a wide range of services including inspection, customs clearance, trade, and production support in order to handle the rapidly globalizing businesses of our customers.

Currently we offer distinctive services with value-added technologies and functionality to both Bandai Namco Group companies and non-group companies. Our set of services consists of solutions specifically optimized for a variety of industries, from toys, amusement machines, bicycles, and furniture to healthcare products and care beds.

We believe that our employees’ learning and growth improves the services we provide to our customers. Thus we actively work to educate and train logistics professionals. With employees who can quickly respond to changes based on their familiarity with cutting-edge technologies and up-to-date knowledge, we can be optimal partners for our customers.
With Logipal’s unique set of services that ensures the delivery of even complicated goods and can handle vast and complex global supply chains, you can trust that we’ll contribute to the success of your business.

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