Logipal International
Integrated Logistics Services

Looking for an AEO Customs Broker?

We offer reliable international integrated logistics services to customers while drawing from our expertise and high-quality standards that we have cultivated over the years.

Why Logipal?


A Certified AEO Customs Broker

Logipal has been certified as an AEO customs broker by Japan Customs (The AEO Customs Broker Program.) That means we have a solid cargo security management and compliance system in place.
AEO customs brokers enjoy various benefits from Japan Customs. Using these and our accumulated specialized knowledge regarding various goods, we bring our customer’s precious cargo through customs safely and speedily.


Information Sharing Services

With the number of companies increasing that wish to know more about the role of customs and ports, we hold periodic visitations and workshops.
At these workshops, we draw from our unique customs expertise to provide information on, for example, the procedures involved in importing and exporting toys. We also regularly offer data (regarding, for example, marine vessel traffic) to customers based on their needs. There’s much to look forward to when working with Logipal.

Logipal International Integrated Logistics Services

Japanese staff work at our subsidiaries in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Thailand. Our services include storage, shipment, assembly,
inspection, cargo collection, and even delivery to consumption points within Japan. You can also rely on us for China-related commerce.
Furthermore, we provide logistics services in the United States through our subsidiary company.

Production Outside of Japan

We offer support for the production of goods (daily items, bags, clothing, etc.) at locations in mainland Asia. Goods are then shipped using Logipal’s international logistics services.


Japanese-speaking staff are stationed at our Huanan (China) area inspection company, as well as our Vietnam inspection location. We offer inspection services for goods produced outside of Japan to ensure that they are high quality. Upon request, staff at these locations can travel to do inspection work.

Customs Clearance and Drayage

As an AEO customs broker, we get our customers goods through customs in both an appropriate and swift fashion. We also provide a post-customs drayage service with our own vehicles.

List of Sites Outside of Japan

More detailed information is
available on our Japanese website.

For further details on BANDAI LOGIPAL and LOGIPAL EXPRESS,
please visit our Japanese website.

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